Seal Cove Auto Museum, Antique Autos and Motorcycles from the Brass Era, Mount Desert Island, Maine
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The Seal Cove Auto Museum is about automobiles and motocycles, but it is more than that, exploring the history and stories of last turn of the century. The Museum is filled with extraordinary vehicles, and a lot of automotive fun. Browse our gallery, a mix of exhibits and events, or view photos of our collection in the vehicle list.

Victorian Wedding Fashion Show, Rusticator Picnic, August 2015
Lecture: Women Take the Wheel, March 2015
Lecture: Samuel Franklin Cody, March 2015
Brass Club Speakeasy, February 2015

Photos, 2016:
Brass Club Speakeasy, March 2017
Moonlight Masquerade, October 2016
History Happy Hour: Cemetery Tour, October 2016
Cars & Coffee: Military Vehicles, September 2016
American Bugatti Club Visit, September 2016
Classic Car Club Visit, September 2016
Annual Member Meeting, August 2016
Murder Mystery Picnic Dinner, August 2016
Baby Bugatti (Type 52)
Bar Harbor Independence Day Parade, July 2016
Cars & Coffee, June 2016
NAAM Conference, May 2016
Auto Wars Exhibit Opening, May 2016
1934 Ford Luxus, on loan from Chris & Kathleen Koch, 2016-2017
Brass Club Speakeasy, February 2016

Photos, Previous Years:
Rusticator Picnic, August 2015
Mother's Day at Woodlawn, May 2015
History Happy Hour, May 2015
Brass Club Speakeasy, February 2015
Spooky Car Days, October 2014
Tour of Bob Bahre Collection, September 2014
Boston Cup, September 2014
Rusticator Picnic, August 2014
"The Race is On!" program for Camp Beech Cliff, August 2014
The Museum hosts the Southwest Harbor Public Library's Story Camp, July 2014
1908 Locomobile Leads the Bar Harbor 4th of July Parade, July 2014
Pop-up Exhibit of Favorite Car Memories at Bar Harbor's 4th of July Festivities, July 2014
Chrome Glidden Car Club Visit, June 2014
Bentley Car Club Visit, May 2014
Christian Motorcycle Association Visit, May 2014
Jaguar Association Visit, May 2014
Return of the Restored 1900 Skene, May 2014
Lego Day, April 2014
Spooky Car Days, October 2013
1910 American Traveller "Underslung" Drives Again, October 2013
1904 Knox at the Boston Cup, September 2013
Arrival of the 1911 Metz, August 2013
Horseless Carriage Day: Restoring Wood-Bodied Cars, August 2013
Models & Miniatures Day, July 2013
Donation of two antique Fords by the MacQuinn family, 2013 Annual Meeting
Sketches done by visitors to the Museum, Summer 2013
Construction of the New Garage, Summer 2013