Seal Cove Auto Museum, Antique Autos and Motorcycles from the Brass Era, Mount Desert Island, Maine
1900 Locomobile
  • Manufacturer: Locomobile Company of America, Westborough, Massachusetts 1899-1932
  • Model: Style 03
  • Body Style: Victoria Runabout
  • Cost new: $900
  • Number produced: 767
  • Engine: Two-cylinder engine with 14”, 21 gallon boiler
  • Horsepower: 3.4
  • Transmission: None
  • Wheelbase: 58”
  • Brakes: Via steam engine

In 1899, the Stanley brothers were approached by John Brisben Walker, publisher of Cosmopolitan magazine, who accepted their offer to sell their business for the then-huge sum of $250,000. Walker got his backing from Lorenzo Barber, the asphalt king. They renamed the company Locomoblie, but the two partners soon quarreled and parted ways. Barber continued the Locomobile business and product line, moving it to Westborough, Massachusetts.