Seal Cove Auto Museum, Antique Autos and Motorcycles from the Brass Era, Mount Desert Island, Maine
1917 Simplex
  • Manufacturer: Simplex Automobile Co., New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Model: Crane Model 5
  • Body Style: 7 passenger
  • Cost new: $10,660 for chassis and coachwork
  • Engine: #2295 L-Head
  • Horsepower: 46
  • Transmission: Manual three-speed
  • Wheelbase: 144”
  • Cylinders: 6

The initials E.K.S. that are on the door stand for Evelyn Kimball Salisbury. Her father, founder of Kimball Piano and Organ Co., was born in Rumford, Maine. Other related family members formed C.P. Kimball & Co., who built the chassis for this car. A few years earlier they had built the Kimball electric vehicle on display at this museum. It is the only one known to exist.