Seal Cove Auto Museum, Antique Autos and Motorcycles from the Brass Era, Mount Desert Island, Maine
1906 Ford Model N

Manufacturer: Ford, Dearborn, Michigan – 1903 -

Model: N – 2 passenger Runabout

Sales price: $500

Number sold: Total production of all Ford models in 1906 was 2,798 or 8,729 depending upon the source referred to. Ford Motor Co. records show both figures.

Horsepower: 15hp.

Wheelbase: 84”

The $500 Model N with its front-mounted 4-cylinder engine developing over 15 hp was capable of 45 mph. Its styling, highlighted by such features as twin nickel-plated front lamps and a boat-tail rear deck, along with a reputation for reliability represented a solid step forward by Henry Ford in his quest for a low-priced car for the mass market.

This completely restored 1906 Model N Ford has won AACA 1st Junior, 1st Senior, and the Henry Ford Award. VIN #1561, it was the first car ever brought to the Town of Rye, New Hampshire.

On kind loan from the Patrick family in memory of Mr. Patrick.