Our Response to Covid-19

We care about your health. The Museum is closed as usual for the winter, and we have suspended our usual winter visitor policy as a precaution to help limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). We ask that you forgo any requests for off-season visits.

The local schools have been closed for an extended break — until April 27, 2020 as of this time — so all school events at the museum are postponed as well. All public events for March and April have been canceled or are being rescheduled. The Senior Mixer has been rescheduled for June 22, 2020.

At this time, we are busy getting ready for the season, including working to complete our new exhibit, “Engines of Change: A Suffrage Centennial.” We plan to re-open for the season as usual on May 1, conditions permitting.

We encourage you to visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Maine Center for Disease Prevention and Control (MCDPC) sites for the most current recommendations for keeping safe during this time.

This situation is changing rapidly, and we are monitoring it to make decisions about events and activities at the museum. As with everyone else, our plans are shifting with the most current and best information and we are making decisions in the best interests of our staff, volunteers and guests. If you have any questions, please email us at info@sealcoveautomuseum.org, or get in touch via Facebook Messenger.



The Seal Cove Auto Museum fosters joyful experiences for people of all ages and interests. Our collection features some of the earliest automobiles and motorcycles, as well as clothing and accessories, from 1895 through the early 1920s. Antique auto enthusiasts, history buffs, as well as anyone who simply loves stories or wants to experience something entirely different, will delight in this unique collection.

Inspired by over 50 vehicles, the Museum shares exciting stories about this transformational time in American history. Stories about invention and innovation, art, design, women’s rights, and social and economic changes can be traced through the early automobile, when inventors were experimenting with steam, electricity, and gas-powered engines. The Seal Cove Auto Museum shares these stories — the innovation, ingenuity, and the power of imagination — that created these vehicles and transformed life in America.

The current exhibit, Selling Lifestyle and Leisure: Art, Advertising, and the Automobile, uses a combination of original advertisements, large scale reproductions, special ‘guest’ vehicles, and multi-media presentations, to tell the story of automobile advertising and design, the social trends that shaped the ads, and the talented artists and illustrators who created them.

The Museum hosts many programs and events throughout the year including demonstration days, Cars & Coffees, dances, dinners, kids’ activities, and more. Visit our Events Page for more information.

“We all enjoyed our first visit to the Auto Museum.  We found it fascinating and appreciate all the knowledge which was shared with us. We had three generations with us today, and each one of us had a wonderful time and learned a lot in the process.  We will highly recommend your museum to our friends and family.”
-Visitor Comment, May 2018

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