1904 Knox

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  • Owner: Seal Cove Auto Museum
  • Manufacturer: Knox Automobile Company (Springfield, Massachusetts ,1900-1914)
  • Bodystyle: Tudor Surrey
  • Engine: Two-cylinder
  • Horsepower: 18
  • Wheelbase: 84
  • Provenance: This car was built for E. H. Cutler, President of the Knox Automobile Company. In later years, this car was owned by Waleta Clark, the wife of Henry Austin Clark Jr., and exhibited at his Carnival of Cars Auto Museum, Times Square N.Y., and The Long Island Auto Museum, Southampton, New York. It has been featured on several different postcards, on a print, and in the 1957 film "50 Years of Automotive Progress" produced by Scudder Boyd.
  • Additional info: The Knox Automobile Company’s first factory was at the Waltham Watch Company. “Old Porcupine” was the car’s affectionate name due to the two-inch pins stuck into the cylinder barrel. Having an air-cooled engine, the Knox was known as “The Car That Never Drinks.”