1904 Searchmont

  • Owner: Richard C. Paine, Jr. Automobile Charitable Trust
  • Manufacturer: The Searchmont Automobile Company (Philadelphia, PA, 1900-1904)
  • Model: Type VII
  • Bodystyle: Rear-Entrance Touring Car
  • Cost New: $2500
  • Engine: Chain-drive, two-cylinder, 10 H.P. 4 1/2 inch bore and a 5 inch stroke
  • Provenance: This automobile has participated in the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run which is open to pre-1905 cars.
  • Additional info: In 1902 Searchmont Motor Company changed its name to Fournier-Searchmont Co. to obtain the advertising advantage of Charles Fournier, the French race driver who had been a consistent winner and gaining much publicity. The Fournier-Searchmont Co., name was dropped in early 1903 when Charles Fournier returned to France to continue automobile racing. The Fournier-Searchmont Co. was renamed The Searchmont Automobile Co. in 1903.