1909? Mystery Auto Wago

  • Owner: Richard C. Paine, Jr. Automobile Charitable Trust
  • Manufacturer: Possible McIntyre (Auburn, Indiana; or a Tudhope (Ontario, Canada) under contract to McIntyre
  • Additional info: Our mystery wagon has an air cooled, two cylinder engine with Integral cast fan/flywheel. The fuel tank is located under the seat, and a wooden box is mounted on the front . Wheelbase is 76"; wheel diameter is 39" at the steel rim. Solid rubber tires mounted to the rims. The wagon has a wooden dashboard and the #30 on the right rear engine. This is the only marking we have found is "INT. C." (Intake marking) on the flywheel. There is no identification plate, either left or right interior or exterior and no screw/nail holes that might indicate that a plate was removed. The spark/throttle lever is located behind the steering column. If you can help us identify this terrific, unrestored, relic... please email curator@sealcoveautomuseum.org