1917 Simplex Crane

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  • Owner: Richard C. Paine, Jr. Automobile Charitable Trust
  • Manufacturer: Simplex Automobile Company (New Brunswick, New Jersey)
  • Model: Crane Model 5
  • Bodystyle: 7 passenger
  • Cost New: $10660
  • Engine: Six-cylinder L-Head, #2295
  • Horsepower: 46
  • Transmission: Manual four speed
  • Wheelbase: 144
  • Provenance: This unrestored, original, automobile still shows the initials E.K.S. on the side, back, doors. The initials stand for Eveline Kimball Salisbury. Mrs. Salisbury lived in a magnificent home, Tor Court, in the Berkshires. Today, Tor Court is part of of the Hillcrest Hospital complex. Mr. Salisbury was president of the Kimball Piano and Organ Company. Her uncle, founder of Kimball Piano and Organ Co., was born in Rumford, Maine. Other related family members formed C.P. Kimball & Co., who built the body for this car. A few years earlier they had manufactured the Kimball electric car on display at this museum.