1924 Templar

  • Owner: Brian Strong (on loan)
  • Manufacturer: Templar Motor Car Company (Cleveland, OH, 1917-1924)
  • Additional info: The Templar Motor Company, based in Cleveland, OH, was founded in 1917 by three members of the Knights Templar, hence the company name and emblem of a Maltese cross. The company produced one of the first super-high-quality small American cars on the market, a product of some of the best talent of the day. The body was given 27 coats of paint, an inspection light (powered by the car's battery), an electric horn, a tire pump and hose that was powered by the car's engine, windshield wiper, a complete toolkit including a jack, and a locking ignition were standard equipment. Unfortunately, with the high quality necessitating a high price tag, this "superfine small car" was too expensive for many purchasers, who didn't appreciate its technical superiority. The company produced its last cars in 1924, just seven years after its inception.