1930 Packard

  • Owner: Ken & Tuyet Clark, Pittsfield, Maine (on loan)
  • Manufacturer: Packard Motor Car Company (Warren, OH, 1899-1903 & Detroit, MI, 1903-1942)
  • Model: 745 Close Coupled Sedan
  • Cost New: $4885
  • Number produced: 1789
  • Engine: 385 cubic-inch straight eight-cylinder
  • Horsepower: 106
  • Transmission: Sliding gear transmission. Speeds: 4F/1R
  • Additional info: At the start of the Classic era, Packard was considered a leading luxury marque with strong sales. This changed during the Great Depression, when Packard sales began to decline. By 1930, the first year of the Depression, Packard sold just 28,386 cars. By this time Packard was one of the oldest car companies in America, with the first Packard built in 1899. Packard became an advertising legend during the Classic era with the iconic slogan, "Ask the Man Who Owns One."