1931 Franklin

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  • Owner: Jeryl Schriever & Alex Huppe (on loan)
  • Manufacturer: Franklin Automobile Company (Syracuse, New York, 1902-1934)
  • Model: 151 Transcontinent
  • Bodystyle: Convertible Coupe. Body by Walker in Amesbury, MA
  • Cost New: $2395
  • Engine: In-line 6 cylinder air-cooled; 274.2 c.i. displacement (3.5x4.75 bore and stroke.)
  • Horsepower: 100
  • Transmission: Three speed, non-synchromesh
  • Wheelbase: 125
  • Additional info: This car was restored from a very rough example by Carl Barker of Falmouth, Maine. It won the "Trekkers Choice" award at the national meet of Franklin Owners (the annual Franklin Trek in Cazenovia, NY) in 2015. It is painted in original factory colors.