Engines of Change (2020-2021)

Engines of Change: A Suffrage Centennial

Opening May 2020!

The Seal Cove Auto Museum will open a major new exhibit in 2020, focused on the role the automobile played in women’s independence and suffrage. Engines of Change: A Suffrage Centennial, will be a reflection on the fight for women’s freedom, independence, suffrage, and the legacy of those battles today.

The exhibit will be told from the perspective of two women, Alice Burke, and Nell Richardson, who in 1916 were the first suffrage team to travel the country promoting voting rights for women. As they tour the country, the exhibit will depict Alice and Nell reflecting on the history of suffrage leading up to 1916. They will share stories about women who came before them who drove for independence, sport, and adventure, speculate about what it will take to secure the vote, and what the future may bring.



In partnership with the Maine Suffrage Centennial.