The museum is in the midst of a period of growth. By continuing to evolve, we can expand upon the experiences, knowledge, and learning that we offer to visitors, to the local community, and to our Seal Cove Auto Museum community around the world.

We strive to make each and every visitor’s experience here at the Auto Museum a pleasant one. This includes sharing the Brass Era vehicles of course, but it’s much more than that. It also means treating visitors like family; providing technical information for car geeks, as well as providing interesting history for those who are NOT car geeks! Having activities for children and families so they can explore the museum together to create meaningful memories, and educating visitors about an influential time of innovation and emerging technology in American history.

To accomplish this and provide enjoyable experiences for our visitors, we need YOUR support! It takes financial resources to grow and evolve, and as a small non-profit organization we cannot do it on our own. This year we have some very exciting, and much needed, projects we are hoping to fund in part through our annual appeal.

For example, there is the 1916 Abbott Detroit, donated by Mr. & Mrs. Tom Ryan of Glen Ellyn, Illinois. The Abbott Motor Car Company manufactured cars from only 1909-1917, and this car is likely one of less than twenty left. It may be the only original Model 6-44 7P Touring car in existence. Mr. Ryan originally acquired the car in “barn find” condition, and subsequently began to restore it. However, this restoration did not include the interior of the vehicle, and the original upholstery is in dreadful condition. We are hoping to raise enough funds to reupholster the seats in the vehicle, which would allow us to offer rides in this wonderful car to our visitors.

Another ambition is to create a kitchen within the museum building. Each year, we hold a series of events at the museum, such as the Speakeasy in the winter, the Murder Mystery Dinner during the summer, and various other after-hour events throughout the season. But what is a party without food? A microwave, dorm fridge, and folding table currently serve as our kitchen; this severely limits the food we are able to provide for these fun events. Construction of a basic kitchen would provide our volunteers with the facilities, and our guests with the quality hot food, that they so deserve.

Finally, our research has found that most people visit our website through their mobile devices. However, our website is woefully mobile-unfriendly. In addition to creating a mobile version of the website, we would also like to add information about our exhibits and feature rotating virtual exhibits, making our online presence a resource for those who are unable to visit the museum in person.

These are just some of the goals we have for the coming season, along with continuing to care for the vehicles and create programming to enhance the museum’s offerings for all. If you would like to help us achieve these goals, please considering making a gift online or through the mail. We look forward to another exciting season in 2017.