Photo credit: Brian Fitzgerald

We are thrilled to announce that we have hired a new Master Mechanic. Peter Brown of Portland has joined the staff and will work two days a week leading our talented team of volunteer mechanics, giving rides to visitors, and traveling with the cars to shows around the region.

Some of you might know Peter, as he served on the Board of Directors for many years before resigning in order to apply for this position. Peter has extensive experience working on antique and modern vehicles. He is the founding owner of two garages in Portland, which he sold to his employees when he retired. Peter continues to work for private clients to help care for and repair antique vehicles.

Peter also owns several of his own antique cars, including a 1929 Model A Town Sedan in all original condition, which is how he prefers his cars, a 1928 Model A four-door Phaeton with right-hand drive, and a 1923 Model T Touring car. In the past he has owned a 1917 Model T Touring car and a 1914 Cadillac, as well as several other vehicles. Peter brings years of experience teaching mechanical skills to students, and he is excited to share those skills to our team, with the goal of expanding our student apprentice program and team of volunteers. Peter is a white-water rafting guide in his spare time.