Peter Brown, the museum’s Head Mechanic, is currently making his way from Buffalo, NY, to Halifax, NS, for the Hemmings Motor News Great Race, a ten-day time-speed-endurance rally for pre-1972 cars. Peter is driving a 1930 Ford Model A boat-tailed speedster, owned by Ford Reiche, and joined by Reiche as navigator. View photos from each day of their journey below!

June 19th: Preparation

The team was scrambling to get ready after a last minute decision to replace the speedster’s engine just before the start of the race, but successfully made the switch and got the car and themselves to ready in time to head west to Buffalo.

Packing up. All the essentials – a clock to ensure they are arriving at each stop at the right time, and don’t forget the chocolate!


Peter with the 1930 Ford speedster loaded up and ready to go.


June 21th: Arrival in Buffalo

The team arrives in Buffalo, NY, the starting location of the race, for the opening dinner and celebrations. And some last minute tweaks to the switched out engine as well!


June 22th: Pre-Race Competition

Trophy Dash Day – a separate one-day mini-rally to get in the groove! After the speedster gets inspected and all stickered-up, that is. Lunch in Lockport, NY, and dinner at the Pierce-Arrow Museum.

Pierce Arrow Museum


Pierce-Arrow Museum

June 23rd: The Race Begins!

Buffalo to Fairpoint, NY. The Brown-Reiche teams comes in 44th out of the 118 teams.


June 24th: Day Two

A lunch stop in Norwich, NY, and on to Troy, NY. The Brown-Reiche teams comes in 49th.

Some of the race cars waiting to depart for Troy, NY.


The museum’s intrepid head mechanic Peter Brown, driver of the 1930 Ford Speedster!


Arrival at the second stop, Troy, NY.


Troy, NY

The Speedster was emitting a disturbing noise deep in the engine, when under load and at hight speeds. A big crowd worked until midnight outside in the pouring rain to find the source. Pieces of cotter pin and babbet were found in the pan, and they also removed some shims from center main bearing.

June 25th: Day Three

The team does quite well in spite of the engine worries – 31st place! Their final destination of the day, Burlington, VT.